Rules & Regulations from 02/2021

1 Purpose and Self-Conception
The purpose of the Musikschule Oberursel e.V. is to promote music education for children, young people and adults as well as musical and cultural activities.

2 Classes
Courses at elementary level include: „Kükenmusik“ (music classes for babies/from 6 months), „Musik für Mäuse“ (music classes for children age 1½–3), Musik-Spielwiese (music classes for children age 3–4), early musical education (age 4–6), drums & rhythm (age 6–8), contemporary dance, „Schnupperkiste” (instrument carousel, age 5–6) and music therapy.
Further music classes are given by instrument carousel (age 7 and older), vocal and instrumental lessons for individuals and groups, ensemble classes and supplementary subjects.

(Annotation: Basically, classes are given in German language.)

3 Registration and Admission

Admission to classes requested by the student according to the teaching contract depends on availability of places. Applications will be processed in the order of receipt. There is no entitlement to admission. The submission of the completed registration form is non-binding and is only intended for Musikschule Oberursel to submit an offer. After agreeing the class appointment, the written confirmation of the registration by Musikschule Oberursel establishes a binding teaching contract. (Cancellation rules see section 6.)

4 School Year
Classes are scheduled according to the academic year of public schools and considering public holidays in Hessen, Germany. On the last day of school before school holidays, music classes take place according to plan.
At least 36 teaching units are guaranteed per calendar year. If, due to the loss of units for reasons for which Musikschule Oberursel is responsible, the annual number of units falls below 36, the tuition fee will be refunded pro rata if units cannot be made up for at another date or by a substitute teacher. However,
if the number of guaranteed 36 teaching units has NOT fallen below due to loss, or if the loss is due to reasons for which the Musikschule Oberursel is not responsible, there is no entitlement to make-up lessons. One teaching unit per school year can be given as a class audition instead of teaching.

5 Digital teaching
If due to official orders or other force majeure there is no possibility to give lessons in the available classrooms, Musikschule Oberursel can give teaching units in digital form, taking into account the corresponding technical possibilities of the student and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). In these cases, there is no entitlement to make up lessons or a refund of fees.

6 Cancellation Policy
a.) The teaching contract can only be terminated in writing to 28 February or 31 August of a year by giving at least one month notice. The written termination letter must be received by the office of Musikschule Oberursel at the beginning of the respective month of cancellation (1 Feb. or 1 Aug.), at the latest.
b.) Trial period: The first eight teaching units, counting from the first attended lesson, shall be regarded as a probationary period (fee-based). During the trial period, the teaching contract may be terminated in writing at any time to the first day of the following month.
c.) Cancellation of the contract: Up to one week before the official start of classes, the contract can be cancelled, however, the notice must be given in writing. Thereafter, the usual tuition fees will apply. The registration fee is not refundable.
(Annotation: Other class offers, e.g. school cooperations or choirs might have different notice periods. Please refer to your registration form or contact us.)

7 Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is an annual fee which, for administrative reasons, is due in 12 equal parts, payable in advance at the beginning of each month. The amount payable is based on the latest fee regulation (the applicable fee table can be viewed online or requested from the office of Musikschule Oberursel)

8 Terms of Payment
For the payment of fees, the contractual partner is asked to provide a SEPA direct debit mandate to Musikschule Oberursel. If the direct debit is not successful and the due amount is reclaimed by the bank, an additional administrative fee of 10 Euro will be charged. This includes, among other things, the bank's claims.

9 Absences/Cancellation of Lessons
The student/parent is obliged to inform the teacher in advance if he is not able to attend a lesson or will be late. Lessons cancelled by the student will not be made up for. In special cases which last longer than four weeks, such as serious illness or medical treatment/stay at a health resort, the student may be granted leave of absence in whole or in part upon request. The student must provide evidence/medical certificate.

10 Use of Instruments
In general, students must supply their own instruments for the lessons.
This does not apply to non-portable instruments, which are provided by Musikschule Oberursel)
Consultation with the teacher is highly recommended. String, wind, keyboard, percussion and plucked instruments can be rented from Musikschule Oberursel, depending on availability. Please refer to the school’s current fee regulation for applicable rental fees.

11 Change of Teacher/Visits
In justified cases, a change of teacher can be requested from the school management. This change of teacher can only take place at the end of a month.
Visits during music lessons by parents/others can be arranged after prior consultation with the respective teacher.

12 Insurance
Students are insured against accidents during class and on the way to and from the classroom.

13 Events and Competitions
Participation in external events, particularly in competitions concerning subjects taught by Musikschule Oberursel, should be discussed with the respective teacher beforehand.

14 Effectiveness of Ancillary Agreements
Any ancillary agreements with teachers concerning the teaching contract have no legal effect.

This document “Rules & Regulations” of Musikschule Oberursel e.V. is part of the teaching contract.

Schulordnung Stand Februar 2021-Englisch
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