Mission Statement of Musikschule Oberursel

Studying music or learning an instrument can shape and enrich one's whole life. Making music teaches and trains a number of important skills. These include, for example, learning competence (learning to practice), patience and perseverance, self-perception and self-confidence as well as the ability to work in a team.

Musikschule Oberursel has set itself the objective to provide optimum support in this process. It has defined the following mission statement for its work:

Quality and skills of teachers. Continuing internal and external trainings as well as supervision are a matter of course for us. At departmental meetings and teacher conferences, colleagues exchange methodological and didactic concepts. Internal communication is further strengthened by interdisciplinary projects.

Motivation and fun. We believe that progress is possible only if the needs of the students are met and their goals are at the center of the lessons.

Reliability, friendliness and flexibility. Our teachers and staff want our students to feel comfortable at the Musikschule Oberursel. This also includes lessons taking place regularly, easy access to the classrooms and, if possible, meeting our students’ schedule requirements.

Consultations and dialogue between teachers, students and parents. Especially at the beginning of a course/term, a detailed conversation is important to us in order to set objectives and make expectations and methodology transparent.

Sophisticated, high-quality and varied program. To us, the recorder ensemble is just as important as the big band, the first string workshop for beginners, or chamber music for advanced players.

Joint performance and concerts. Regular performances and participation in ensemble projects are part of our teaching concept. Making music together challenges the students and promotes their self-confidence. This has proven to enable faster progress.

Fair pricing. Musikschule Oberursel covers its costs almost entirely through its tuition fees. Nevertheless, we try to keep the fees at a reasonable level by maintaining a lean administrative structure and making the best use of resources.

Helping the disabled and socially disadvantaged, supporting the highly gifted. With individual offers and special rates, we support and integrate children and adults with special needs or in difficult situations while also offering opportunities for highly talented students.

A music school for all interests. No matter if toddler or senior, classical or rock, beginner or advanced, hard-working or experience-oriented – we take all music lovers at their level of learning and help them grow.

Cultural life in Oberursel. We organize and arrange a variety of music events and musical offers and thus enrich the cultural life in Oberursel.